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Pool Liners and Poolkrete Bottoms:

Pool builder to supply all materials. All material supplied by Lazy Day Pools will be billed at Cost including tax plus 15%.


Pool Liner Installation  | Labor Only Any Size                                                       $1900  (Measure, Install and Cut-In)

Poolkrete Pool Bottom | Labor Only                    16 X 32 Any Shape                 $2400

                                   18 x 36 Any Shape                 $2700     

                                   20 x 40 Any Shape                 $3000

                                    (Rough Grade must be within 2 “ of Finished Grade)

Install Dual Main Drain | Labor Only                                                                       $  400     

Install Well Point | Labor Only                                                                                  $2400     

Install Wall Foam | Labor Only                                                                                 $  250                       


Pool Equipment Installations:

Installation costs are based on a half day or full day rate. Half day rate includes up to four items listed below.

Full day rate is, five or more items listed below, or any pool/spa combo or a pool with automation.

Pumps                      (single or VS)

Filters                        (D.E., Cartridge, Sand, AFM 3-Stage Glass)

Sanitizers                 (Salt, Ozone/UV, and ZeroChlor Pool Systems)

Heaters                    (Gas or Heat Pump)

Booster Pumps

Spa Jet Pump         (any additional pump)

Water feature/energy filter

Spa blower/air pump

Builder must have all equipment wired, and on the pad. Pipes clearly marked, stubbed up level and true. We will not correct crooked pipes. Builder will supply, filter media, all valves and actuators. Builder will supply all required components to properly wire low voltage communication and sensors.

Lazy Day will provide pipe, fittings and all shop supplies required to complete plumbing.

                                                    Half day rate $600.00                             Full day rate $1200.00

SPECIAL NOTES:  The price for liner installation remains the same regardless of whether Lazy Day measures the pool or not.  If an additional trip is required to start up the system, program automation or train customer, a $300.00 return charge will be added. No water chemistry adjustments included, unless a ZerChlor is included.

Discounts available, when ZeroChlor systems are installed on new pools.

CALL 678-374-4426 to schedule work.  One week notice required for cancellations or reschedules.